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“Drilling Technology I” is aimed at imparting knowledge of Oil and Gas well drilling fundamentals. Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to identify the various types of drilling rigs, describe the various phases of a drilling operation. They should be able to identify, state the position and an account of how drilling equipment is used on a platform and perform relevant drilling calculations as required. This course will consist of the following Sections/Modules:

  • Pre-course survey/Test
  • oil and gas wells and techniques of drilling
  • drilling rig types
  • drilling equipment types
  • drill string and casing properties
  • Drilling Performance Evaluation

This course was designed by  Dr. Nnaemeka Ohia in collaboration with Dr. Duru (course co-ordinator), Dr Angela , and teaching assistants (TA) of FUTO. All staff associated with this course, including the TAs will act as facilitators for the discussion boards.


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