Introduction to Petroleum Geophysics

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The “Introduction to Petroleum Geophysics” is aimed at imparting knowledge on fundamentals of hydrocarbon resource exploration and development using geophysical methods. A brief introduction of geological and geophysical principles required for the course will be taught. Following this, seismic, gravity, magnetic and borehole geophysics applied to hydrocarbon exploration will be taught. The main focus of the course will be on discussing gravity, magnetic and seismic methods of exploration

  • About the Course
  • Introduction to petroleum geophysics
  • Gravity method
  • Magnetic method
  • well logging
  • Seismic Method

This course was designed by  Dr. Nnaemeka Ohia in collaboration with Dr. Nwogu Ngozi, Engr. Nnanna Okoli, graduate and teaching assistants (TA) of FUTO. All staff associated with this course, including the TAs will act as facilitators for the discussion boards.




1 – 2 hours per week.


From february, 12th 2019, 01:00 GMT  to May, 26th 2019, 23:30 GMT. This course uses Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT)


All activities are due to be completed by May, 26th 2019, 22:30 GMT. You’ll be graded on weekly activities (100% weight in final score) You need to score 70% or higher to pass the course and receive a certificate. You can check your progress by selecting the “Progress” tab


Important: Check that your FULL NAME is correct as that’s the name that will appear in the certificate you may earn.


Please, check Students FAQs. If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for, please contact the Course Staff by posting your question in the Discussion Forum tab.


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